About Aurora

Aurora Consulting was founded in 1997 by managing consultant Griff Griffith, building on the experience he gained during an extensive career in international business.  Griff’s background is in strategic development, business planning, marketing, corporate communications and general & financial management in the telecommunications and electronic commerce fields.  Aurora Consulting’s services are based around these skills.

We believe that every client’s requirements are different. Aurora doesn’t have a “one size fits all” or “template” solution to sell. Instead, issues and problems are addressed individually, to find the right solution that meets the client’s particular needs.  

Clients get a personal service from Aurora – they won’t find that the consultant who sets up a project disappears once the scope is agreed and that a less-experienced member of the team undertakes the work.  Client satisfaction is fundamental to the successful completion of our projects. Whether it’s a one-off assignment or part of a long-term relationship, Aurora Consulting ensures that the client comes first.

Aurora has a wide range of clients.   We provide services to Fortune 100 companies and one-man start-up businesses.   We have worked with clients in the USA, Northern Europe, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Hong Kong.  Our recent projects include:

  • developing business strategies and preparing business plans for start-up companies in Europe, Asia and the Arabian Gulf;
  • reviewing existing business plans and advising on strategic and tactical direction for start-up and existing companies in the USA and Europe;
  • devising communications plans for start-up companies in UK and USA;
  • preparation of IT, e-commerce and marketing-related course material and case studies for distance learning MBA courses offered in Europe, USA and Asia;
  • due-diligence investigations on proposed acquisitions for a major Silicon Valley IT company;
  • in-depth research and analysis of targeted global companies for major Silicon Valley and Scandinavian IT companies;
  • preparing an RFP for a new full-service, fixed-line, telecommunications network for a metropolitan area in the Indian sub-continent.

 Our main operational site is in London, England.  We also have a presence in California, although it isn’t currently staffed full-time.  Wherever your business is located, we can travel to undertake an assignment for you.

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