Research & Analysis

Information is at the centre of all business decision making.  Getting the right information, and getting it at the right time, is not always easy.  Bought-in research reports often cover a topic too broadly, with not enough depth for your specific interests.  Yet conducting detailed research yourself is time consuming and deflects you from your main role.

Aurora Consulting offers a customised research service that plugs the gap.  We discuss and agree the scope of a project with you in detail.  The format of the research results can be specified by you, as agreed in our pre-project discussions, or you can use one of the formats that have been developed by Aurora.  Whatever the format, you are assured of the best quality research, presented in a final report that is immediately useful, and doesn’t require further in-depth analysis to understand what it all means.

For large research projects, we can manage third-party researchers on your behalf.

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