Business Strategies

Whatever your line of business, and whether you’re a start-up company or a well-established firm, a commercial enterprise, a charity or a voluntary organisation, Aurora can help you define your business strategy and create a business plan to deliver it.  It could be for a totally new venture, adding a new line of business to an existing range, or reinventing yourself – we can help.

Business Strategy

Setting out a business strategy can be one of the hardest tasks you face.  Often you have just a blank page and an idea.   Turning the idea into a coherent strategy that can be implemented and create a profit frequently needs help.  It’s an area where Aurora can help.

We can help you to identify the opportunity, quantify it (through our research and analysis services), do a SWOT analysis on you and your competition, review your profit-model options, identify the marketing barriers and possibilities and create an overall strategy for your business.  We can also contribute to the definition of the tactical directions for the new venture.

Once you have your strategy worked out, you are ready to turn it into a business (action) plan.  Aurora can help here, too.  We work with existing organisations, too, that want to develop a new strategy or refine and existing one.

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