Why Choose Aurora?

We believe that there are plenty of reasons why you should choose Aurora Consulting as your partner in developing your business.  Here are just a few of them:

- Aurora is independent.

We have no ties – formal or informal – to any supplier of hardware, software or services.  Our advice is based on your needs, not those of a commercial relationship between consultant and supplier.

- We provide experience-based consultancy

What Aurora offers is consultancy advice based on nearly 40 years’ practical experience of business around the world.  We don’t employ consultants straight out of university who hope to learn about business from you.  We believe that if there’s any learning to be done, it should be you learning from us.

- What you see is what you get.

With some consultancies, you’ll negotiate the project with a senior member of the management team, only to find that the actual work is undertaken by somebody else.  As the client, you need to have confidence in the people that carry out the work on your project.  With Aurora, when we agree the details of a project with our clients, we include details of who will be doing the work.

- Each project receives individual attention.

We believe that each client’s requirements are unique. Aurora doesn’t have a “one size fits all” or “template” solution to sell.   Instead, issues and problems are addressed individually, to find the right solution for the client’s particular needs.

- Our clients come first.

In all the work that we do for our clients, we put their interests first.  We don’t have a string of the latest management theories that we’re eager to put in to practice, whether they’re suitable for you or not.  We don’t take on more work than we can properly handle, leaving clients worrying about our ability to deliver on time.

- We use proven tools.

We use a range of proven tools in our work.  Some we have developed ourselves – in developing communications strategies, for example.  Others are commercially available – business planning software, for example.  We have conducted extensive searches in both the UK and the USA to find the best tools for the job.  And we’ll point you in the right direction if you want to acquire the tools yourself.

- Our global reach.

Much of our work is done remotely, using telecommunications tools – e-mail, phone and fax – to keep in touch with our clients.  This means that wherever you’re located, Aurora is within easy reach.  In addition, where appropriate we can work to our clients’ time-zones so that you can reach us during your normal working day.  We’ll also travel virtually anywhere and work on-site with you, if that’s what suits you best.

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