Business Planning

Entrepreneurs and innovators are often good at creating and developing ideas for new business ventures, but may lack the skills needed to turn them into winning propositions.  To get financial backing, you need a credible business plan. This typically includes detailed product or service definition, market analysis and positioning, competitor analysis, revenue and expenditure projections, and financial statements.  Aurora has many years of experience developing business plans.  We use tried and tested tools to create plans that have both content and style.  Aurora produces professional business plans, based on our detailed discussions with the management team and the agreed strategy.

We start with a standard table of contents for the plan, which we adjust in consultation with our client  –  eliminating irrelevant sections and adding new sections where they are needed.  As part of the planning process, we use intelligent spreadsheets to create the 3 or 5 year financial forecasts – profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheets – that a funder will want to see.

Our plans also include charts and graphs to highlight key performance indicators, making it easy for you and your management to see the important results of the plan at a glance.  Our plans also give the tools to track your actual performance against the plan once you’re up and running with it.

Advising on existing business plans

You may already have a detailed business plan. Before using the plan to solicit outside investment, or seek your board’s approval, Aurora can review the plan and advise you on how to improve it.  If you’ve been unsuccessful in your search for funding, or getting board approval, we can help you to turn it into a winning plan.

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