Business Planning

Developing business plans for start-up companies

Entrepreneurs and innovators are often good at creating and developing ideas for new business ventures, but lack the skills needed to turn them into winning propositions.  To get financial backing, you need a business plan. This typically includes detailed product or service definition, market analysis and positioning, competitor analysis, revenue and expenditure projections, and financial statements.  Aurora produces professional business plans, based on detailed discussions with the start-up management team, and contributes to the definition of the strategic and tactical directions for the new venture.  We also work with established companies to develop their e-commerce business plans.

Advising on  business plans

You may already have a detailed business plan. Before you use the plan to solicit outside investment, or seek board approval for your new venture in an established company, Aurora can review an existing plan and advise you on how to improve it.  Alternatively you already have made an initial unsuccessful search for funding (or been unsuccessful in getting approval from you board of directors, perhaps) – we can work with you on your plan to improve it for a second bite at the cherry.


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