Electronic Commerce

Just about every business has an Internet presence these days, no matter how big – or how small – the enterprise is.  Some use it purely to deliver information, others do all of their business online in a virtual world without much in the way of bricks and mortar.  It’s clear that to survive and thrive in the 21st century, any business, whether it’s in the commercial, public, charitable or voluntary sector, needs some form of electronic commerce as part of its portfolio of customer service options.

But it isn’t sufficient to just launch a website without any planning.  Any e-commerce ventures have to be founded on sound business strategies and be based on solid business plans.  That’s where we can help you – whether you’re an entrepreneur with an idea for a start-up, or an established business that wants to take advantage of the information revolution.

Aurora offers a comprehensive range of consulting services focusing on e-commerce.  We can work with you from initial concept to service roll-out.   Some of our services for e-commerce  – defining strategies, business planning, communications strategies and research – are explained briefly below. For further information about Aurora’s services, please contact us.


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